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The Paleo Culture - About UsHello and welcome to The Paleo Culture! My name is Kristen Finn and I’m in love with the Paleo Diet. I started this diet a year ago because I wanted to lose weight. I read a lot about it. It was very tough being surrounded by other “more convenient” food options around me, but luckily I kept going. I’m glad that I am used to it now and that it has been part of my life. It has helped me keeping up with my healthy weight up until now. I would love to share my journey with you. In this blog, I will also share some recipes, provide information and everything else that I’ve learned about Paleo diet and I hope that you will gain something from this blog. Should you have any comments or want to share your story and/or recipes, please contact me through the contact us page and I would be glad to talk to you!